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ZELINA - an irresistible Prigorje attraction

The picturesque wine-growing region around the town of Sveti Ivan Zelina, including the Bedenica municipality and 68 settlements, covers 206 square meters north-east of Zagreb and has a population of 17,000. A large number of churches and chapels, witnesses of its historical heritage, are scattered throughout the Zelina region. The town of Sveti Ivan Zelina, an old cultural and economic centre of Hrvatsko Prigorje, is situated around the medieval parish Church of Saint John the Baptist. It was first mentioned as early as in 1200, and obtained its present appearance in about 1720. The first mention of Sveti Ivan Zelina dates back to 1185. It was granted the privileges of a free borough by Mikac, the Croatian ban or governor, in 1328. Only 6 km south of Zelina, in Komin, presumably in the former Roman settlement of Pyrri, (archaeological finds) on a hill above the village, there is the baroque Church of the Epiphany, where an annual church festival is held. Zelina's vineyards, vintners and wine cellars, with famous wines, are included in the "wine-road," which leads from Donja Zelina to Nespeš, Gornje Pisarje and Sveti Ivan Zelina. These places all represent a significant potential for the entire region. During the thirty years of the traditional Exhibition of Wines of North-west Croatia, over 8,000 examples of wine have been evaluated, while the permanent exhibition of old vintners' tools, equipment and literature, which bears witness to the long wine-growing tradition of the Zelina region, can be seen in the Museum of Sveti Ivan Zelina.

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