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VELIKA GORICA - the charm of Turopolje and the Vukomerec Hills

95 settlements with a population of about 64,000 stretch over 566 square meters south-east of Zagreb, on the hilly terrain of the Vukomerec Hills and the low-lying part of Turopolje all the way to the Sava and Kupa Rivers. Velika Gorica, Pokupsko, Orle and Kravarsko are the major settlements in this region. The immediate vicinity of the Zagreb Airport and the motorway junction provide this region with a good geographic and transit position. Extremely valuable and important archaeological finds were discovered in Šćitarjevo, formerly Andautonia, the seat of the Illyrian Andautonian tribe and the Roman municipium of Upper Pannonia, the most important settlement on the Sava River. In the centre of Velika Gorica, there is the former Turopolje fortress, a building erected in 1765 as the seat of the "Noble Municipality of Turopolje." Today it is the building of the Museum of Turopolje, founded in 1960. Towards the west of the city there is the castle of Lukavec, a wooden baroque, quadrangular manor with a courtyard, arcades and four angular towers, originally built in the period from 1474 to 1479 as a defence against the Ottomans. The region is rich with oak trees, one of the major natural resources which served as the basis for the recognised art of producing making wooden objects. The unique value of Turopolje are wooden churches and chapels as well as timber manors, examples of the major achievements of the rural architecture of the Northern Croatia.

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