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SAMOBOR - a town and a museum

 95 settlements with a population of about 50,600 stretch over 315 square kilometres of the Samobor region situated to the west of Zagreb. The main centres are Samobor, Sveta Nedelja and Stupi. The picturesque small town of Samobor, with a long excursion and tourist tradition, was granted the status of a free royal market-town by a charter from King Bela IV in 1242. The building of the Old Town/Fortress began in the late thirteenth century on Tepec hill. Anindol, the most scenic path in Samobor, is on the same hill. The mayor of Samobor, Šmidhen, had it developed as early as 1883. At the foot of the Old Town there is the old section of Samobor called Taborec, with wooden houses and the Gothic Church of Saint Michael, reconstructed in baroque style, and the Vurginščak sports and recreational centre. The central town square, with many bistros and terraces with a view of the façades of the neighbouring late nineteenth century buildings, is a favourite resort of Zagreb residents. Not far from the square there is the Livadić castle from 1764, which is today the Museum of Samobor. Samoborsko Gorje, a range of hills, gives Samobor and its surroundings a particular charm as the cradle of Croatian mountaineering, because the trip to Oštrc and Plešivica in 1875 is considered the first organised mountaineering excursion in Croatia.

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