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Zagreb County encompasses the area around the Croatian metropolis Zagreb. It defines Zagreb's western, southern and eastern boundaries with its irregular horse-shoe shape. Naturally, Zagreb County is historically and economically related to the City Zagreb. Zagreb, the capital of the Republic of Croatia is situated on the banks of the river Sava and on the slopes of Medvednica at an altitude of 120 m. The City has a population of about one million. It dates back as far as 1094, the year when a diocese was founded. With its gravitational power and demographic potential, it has always been the centre of the tourism supply and demand of Zagreb County, which is situated in the central part of north-western Croatia, on an area covering 3077 square meters. Zagreb County has a population of about 280 000. Its position on the border with Slovenia and Western Europe makes it a significant traffic junction, one of Croatia's gateways to the north and, of course, an important transit area. Zagreb County consists of eight towns: Dugo Selo, Ivanić Grad, Jastrebarsko, Samobor, Sveti Ivan Zelina, Velika Gorica, Vrbovec and Zaprešić as well as 26 municipalities and 699 settlements. Its natural, cultural and historical versatility and beautiful landscape make it an attractive place for excursions and recreation throughout the year. Its green scenery invites large numbers of excursionists, tourists and businessmen, offering them an opportunity to relax from their hectic everyday lives.
A county with a rich history, tradition and customs cherished through a number of various manifestations, cultural and church heritage, archaeological sites, castles and medieval fortresses and a large number of prominent names from various fields of history, art, science, politics, clergy and literature; a county with an attractive mountainous belt which stretches all the way to the valleys of rivers and lakes, fertile plains inhabited by hospitable people across gentle wine-growing hills with old vineyard huts and wine cellars: this is Zagreb County. So, wend your way through its roads, paths and trails and enjoy yourselves!

Dugo Selo   Ivanić-Grad   Jastrebarsko   Samobor   Sveti Ivan Zelina   Velika Gorica   Vrbovec   Zaprešić