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JASTREBARSKO - from Žumberak and Plešivica to Crna Mlaka and Jamnica

The geographically rich Jaska region, with 155 settlements and a population of about 32,500, covers 630 square meters south-west of Zagreb. The main centres of the region are Jastrebarsko, Klinča Sela, Pisarovina, Krašić and Žumberak. On the way from the dolomite and limy massif of Žumberačka Gora and its wild, almost intact slopes, there is the valley of the small river Kupčina and Krašić, the birthplace of Blessed Alojzije Stepinac, located in the very centre of the "Valley of Peace." On the way to Jaska, the ornithological preserve of Crna Mlaka is worth visiting for its extraordinary natural value and unique hydrographic and vegetation features, as well as an abundance of rare and protected species of birds. The first mention of Jastrebarsko dates back to 1249 and as soon as 1257 it was given the status of a free royal market-town by King Bela IV. The fifteenth century manor of the Erdödy counts, with today's park, is situated in the town of Jastrebarsko. There is a long tradition of wine-growing and wine production, particularly on the slopes of Plešivica, Mladina, with the old Erdödy wine-cellar and Sveta Jana, the most spacious and most gentle part of Prigorje. Not far from Sveta Jana, there is a sports and recreational centre called Svetojanske Toplice (The Sveta Jana Spa) built near a thermal spring located in the village of Sveta Jana. One of the largest thermal springs in this region is the spring of the popular mineral water called Jamnica, discovered in 1825, while Jamnica mineral water has been on the market ever since 1891.

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